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Private Investigations

Private Investigations

We are a licensed private detective agency specializing in targeted and effective investigations of individuals, organizations, businesses, and other entities. 

We help customers by providing them with the information needed to make important decisions. Stated simply, we help clients by finding answers to their questions.

Digital Forensics

Computers, cell phones, and other digital devices store a wealth of information. Our expert forensic technicians are able to examine call logs, web browsing and chat history, emails and text messages, contacts, GPS data, and even recover deleted files and information.

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Why Nighthawk?

As a professional investigation agency, we find facts that others simply cannot, using resources only available to licensed professionals. Clients rely on us for their most critical situations to provide thorough and actionable results.

We provide a wide range of investigative and research services, including background checks, social media investigations, corporate due diligence, and legal investigations.