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Nighthawk Strategies is a professional investigation firm that uses modern technology and effective strategies to deliver fast, reliable, and accurate intelligence.

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Why Nighthawk?

As a professional investigation agency, we find facts that others simply cannot, using resources only available to licensed professionals. Clients rely on us for their most critical situations to provide thorough and actionable results.

We provide a wide range of investigative and research services, including background checks, social media investigations, corporate due diligence, and legal investigations.

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Edward J. Ajaeb, Founder & President

Who We Are

About Nighthawk Strategies

Founder & President Edward J. Ajaeb has been performing investigations for over a decade. He began his professional career at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C., pursuing complex corporate anti-competition cases and working alongside attorneys and staff representing multiple federal agencies.

Ed’s unique intelligence background, government experience, and investigative skills provide clients a strategic advantage – fast, accurate, reliable information with valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

Ed is a regular presenter at security and investigation conferences, is frequently featured in top industry publications, and is a licensed as a private detective by the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington D.C.


What Our Clients Say

Timothy Dimoff

“The investigations conducted by Nighthawk Strategies are nothing short of fantastic. I am impressed. I cannot thank them enough. Their thorough and strategic investigative research provides clear value. I have utilized them on several cases and will continue to seek their services on many cases to come.”

- Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO, SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
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“Nighthawk Strategies is a key partner in helping ensure the safety of our staff. Ed is an expert in his field who approaches each engagement with a consultant’s mindset. He takes time to fully understand the situation, offers a range of options, and allows you to determine how best to move forward. Their insights have allowed us to make critical decisions quickly and confidently. Simply put, they give us peace of mind in the midst of stressful situations.”

- Clark S., Washington D.C.
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“Nighthawk Strategies has run background checks on potential employees for my business. They have always been thorough, completed quickly, and priced fairly. I would recommend Nighthawk without hesitation.”

- John M., North Carolina

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Our blog contains information, research, and commentary on the latest investigative techniques and current events.

We cover private investigator best practices for social media, security, OSINT, and privacy.


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