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Finding facts & tracing tracks

We uncover hidden truths and develop deep insights on people and companies worldwide.

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What We Do

Get all the facts

We conduct deep research and provide professional, expert-written reports to clearly explain complex findings.

Private Investigations

Gather solid evidence on people, companies, and activities

Social Media Investigations

Follow someone's digital footprints and discover what's being posted online

Due Diligence

Know who you’re doing business with

Jury Vetting

Spot biases before they impact your verdict​

Background Checks

Get the facts about anyone, anywhere​

Locates & Skip Tracing

Find people quickly and efficiently​

Need something else? Just ask!

We perform customized, in-depth investigations across the U.S. and around the globe. We help legal teams, businesses, and individuals find facts and discover the truth. Let us navigate through the endless data and records to give you peace of mind and clarity for your case. Contact us and learn how we can help.

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Who We Help

Law Firms

Law Firms

We help legal teams win more cases with better facts and evidence often missed by other investigators and databases


We help businesses mitigate risk and make more informed decisions, saving time and money


We help individuals achieve peace-of-mind and clarity by finding what Google can’t

About Your Cases

Lack of facts leaving you in the dark?

Wasting Time
Wasting time trying to find information on your own?
Losing Money
Losing money trying to decipher fact from fiction?
Law Firms
Overwhelmed with sifting through piles of endless information?
Need Critical Facts
Need the critical facts or evidence to win your case?
Ready to work with a pro who will find the facts quickly?

What You Get

Professional. Experienced. Diligent.

We find the facts so you can gain the upper hand in any legal or business matter.

Peace of mind

Clear, professional reports with accurate & reliable details

A complete picture

Sleep well knowing you've got the evidence to win a case or make a choice

Established professionals

Seasoned experts to discover what you couldn't find on your own

Exceptional experience

Performed thousands of investigations across the U.S. and around the globe

Solid values

A team that's professional and ethical, not disorganized and shady

Ready for a team that’s easy to work with?


What Our Clients Say

Timothy Dimoff

“The investigations conducted by Nighthawk Strategies are nothing short of fantastic. I am impressed. I cannot thank them enough. Their thorough and strategic investigative research provides clear value. I have utilized them on several cases and will continue to seek their services on many cases to come.”

- Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO, SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
Missing Headshot

“Nighthawk Strategies is a key partner in helping ensure the safety of our staff. Ed is an expert in his field who approaches each engagement with a consultant’s mindset. He takes time to fully understand the situation, offers a range of options, and allows you to determine how best to move forward. Their insights have allowed us to make critical decisions quickly and confidently. Simply put, they give us peace of mind in the midst of stressful situations.”

- Clark S., Washington D.C.
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“Nighthawk Strategies has run background checks on potential employees for my business. They have always been thorough, completed quickly, and priced fairly. I would recommend Nighthawk without hesitation.”

- John M., North Carolina

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Who We Are

We perform investigations for professionals.

As legal professionals, we know how demanding the field can be. Our services will help you be more informed with better facts so you can present your evidence with clarity and confidence. You’ll be more prepared, have a stronger strategy, win more cases, and achieve better outcomes.

Nighthawk Strategies was founded with the vision of providing a more professional, ethical, efficient, and diligent investigative approach. Unlike other private investigators, we dig beyond simple databases and perform actual in-depth analysis, findings hidden facts and developing unmatched insights. Our repeat clients include some of the largest law firms, companies, and brands in the world.

When results and decisions are on the line, you can’t afford to be left in the dark. Contact us today and let us be your trusted partner.

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