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Ask a PI

Private Investigators know the tools and tactics to uncover hard to find information on the Internet and in the real world. We also know how to protect ourselves from threats we face on a daily basis.

Discover for yourself the tactics real private investigators employ to stay safe and protect our friends, families, and clients.

Best Practices

Security Measures

How do you stay secure in today’s environment, online and off?

Nighthawk Strategies covers security measures most people should know and use.

Online Investigations

Social Media

Social media is a treasure trove of information on individuals and businesses. Savvy PIs are familiar with all the networks and know how to discover evidence in hard-to-find places.

Open Source Intelligence


Open source intelligence is one of the most important tools employed today by modern private investigators.

Nighthawk Strategies seeks to educate a wide audience, including consumers, investigators, researchers, and information professionals, on the latest practices related to open source intelligence.

Online Privacy

Privacy Protection

Protecting your privacy online and in the real world is more important than ever.

Know how to protect yourself and stay vigilant.