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Background Checks

Background Checks

Need to get the full picture on someone? Don’t trust online sites promising quick and easy background reports. Talk to an expert and licensed investigator who will perform a thorough and accurate background investigation tailored to your needs, risk profile, and requirements. Go beyond just a database search and get a full, 360-degree report.

Skip Tracing

Whether you’re trying to find a missing person, reconnect with a loved one, locate a fugitive, or track down an individual, our state-of-the-art databases and skip tracing techniques will find your target.

Criminal Record Checks

We conduct comprehensive nationwide criminal record checks covering local, county, state, and federal courts. When dealing with sensitive records, accuracy and reliability are key. We know where to search. Trust a professional investigator to conduct a thorough criminal record search on your subject.

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Why Nighthawk?

As a professional investigation agency, we find facts that others simply cannot, using resources only available to licensed professionals. Clients rely on us for their most critical situations to provide thorough and actionable results.

We provide a wide range of investigative and research services, including background checks, social media investigations, corporate due diligence, and legal investigations.