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Online & Social Media Investigations

You never truly know someone until you’ve walked in their digital footprints. Social networking has a profound impact on the way the world connects and interacts.

We specialize in advanced social media intelligence collection and uncovering hidden information and networks to provide exceptional insights on a subject.

Social Media Monitoring

We monitor social media for threats, emergencies, or reputational attacks targeting your brand, company, or special event.

Our proprietary global monitoring systems detect problems early, mitigating risk and promoting peace of mind for you and your organization.

Online Privacy

Is your personal information freely available online for anyone to find? Have you had your identity stolen? As private investigators, we know where to find information, which means we also know how you can hide it. Protect your privacy, identity, and personal safety by scrubbing your personal information from the web.

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Why Nighthawk?

Nighthawk specializes in background checks, social media investigations, corporate due diligence, and targeted private investigations.

We are thorough, actionable, responsive, and familiar with the latest technologies. Clients rely on us for their most critical situations, and we perform at the highest of professional standards.