For The Holidays: On The Lighter Side Of Private Investigations

For the Holidays: On the Lighter Side of Private Investigations

Edward Ajaeb


Last week, a friend received a very expensive gaming console on his doorstep. It wasn’t something he ordered and the name on the box didn’t match anyone at his address. After a bit of investigation, we were able to successfully locate the rightful owner.

Here are a few tips if you receive an unexpected package:

  1. First, make sure the package is not suspicious or dangerous. With the recent mail bomb scares throughout the country, ensure that the package is safe to handle. Look out for excessive postage, damage, stains, suspicious return address, or unusual weight. Check with people who may be sending you surprise gifts. Refer to the USPS website for more tips on spotting suspicious packages.
  2. Avoid opening the package. Note the name, phone number, or any other clues on the mailing label. Use free online tools like White Pages or Google to see if they may be a neighbor.
  3. Contact the sender/company who mailed the package. They may be able to help with locating or even returning the package.

Nighthawk Strategies is happy to offer, FREE of charge, assistance in locating intended recipients of misdirected packages this holiday season. Please contact me or visit for more info.

Happy Holidays!